Gorgeous, crazy thin (14.9 mm), beautifully constructed, feels aerodynamic 2012-09-samsung-series-9.gif Samsung Series 9 ultrabook

Samsung Series 9 ultrabook

Starts at about $1,300

The Series 9 ultrabooks offer solid-state drives, aluminum construction, a matte-black finish, boot-up of 10 seconds or less, 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth and abg/n Wi-Fi, and they come in a 13-inch model, at 1.16kg, or a 15-inch, 1.65kg model. But the specs are almost irrelevant; any decent ultrabook will handle e-mail, Netflix, and word and number crunching. It’s sexiness, rather than numbers, that sell the Series 9. These things are gorgeous, crazy thin (14.9 mm) and beautifully constructed, with aluminum highlights on each side that actually make the notebooks feel aerodynamic, as silly as that sounds for a computer. The only caveat is that, because of the thinness, the travel of the keys is a little shallow, but you get used to the feel of the keyboard quickly. The 15-inch Series 9 is about $1,500, with the 13-inch $200 cheaper. And the smaller model is the one to get: it’s better for airplanes and briefcases, and after a few days you won’t miss the extra screen room. 

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