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Start Me Up Innovation Campaign Videos | 2013

Introduction | Don Tapscott | Bell, StationX - sponsors
Peter Wolchak, Backbone magazine’s editor
introduces the Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013 pitch-off event.
Jeffrey Schwartz of Bell Business Markets (Gold Sponsor) describes Bell's vision of helping start-ups and established business to grow.
Don Tapscott, author and business luminary gives his "unauthorized view" of what it means to be successful.
Lance Neale of StationX explains how they combine technology and creativity to help entrepreneurs market their businesses.
 Don Tapscott at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Po-Motion - runner-up | Canadian Innovation Centre - sponsor 
Po-Motion's pitch: Interactive projection software that lets users create reactive floor and wall projections.
Andrew Maxwell of the Canadian Innovation Centre which helps improve success rates of entrepreneurs.
 Po-Motion pitch at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013

Will Pwn 4 Food - top 10 finalist | PwC - sponsor 
Will Pwn 4 Food's pitch: In-browser platform for gamers to play tournament style, fast-action 3D games and compete for money.
Eugene Bomba of PWC's Emerging Company Services which is focussed on companies from pre-revenue to $20 million.

 Will Pwn 4 Food at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Mount Knowledge - top 10 finalist | ORION - sponsor
Mount Knowledge's pitch:
Intelligent software system that combines real-time self-learning, training and testing. 
Dr Darin Graham of Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) describes its ultra high-speed private network through which more than 2 million Ontario students connect daily.
 Mount Knowledge at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Joist - top 10 finalist | Ceridian - sponsor
Joist's pitch:
Tool for trades contractors that allows them to estimate, order, manage projects, invoice, accept payments and using tablet or smartphone. 
John Cardella of Ceridian talks about Ceridian's, new human capital solutions technologies and its ethos of innovation and evolution.
 Joist at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Edsby - winner | EDC - sponsor
Edsby's pitch:
 Cloud-based social learning platform that aims to help schools, teachers and parents better communicate with each other. 
Paul Day of Export Development Canada (EDC) which provides guidance for Canadian companies expanding overseas.
 Edsby pitch at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
GoPad - top 10 finalist | Wildeboer Dellelce - sponsor
GoPad's pitch:
Hands-free wearable computer (iPad) that integrates the mobility of a smartphone with the productivity of a laptop. 
Perry Dellelce of Wildeboer Dellelce, corporate finance and securities practice that acts for public companies, investment dealers, private companies and venture capital funds.
 Go Pad pitch at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Glitchsoft - top 10 finalist | DMZ - sponsor
Glitchsoft's pitch:
Premium mobile games in business since 2009 - targeted at core fans of action and superhero content. 
Valerie Fox of Digital Media Zone (DMZ) at Ryerson University, itself a startup, which aims to launch and grow companies.
 Glitchsoft pitch at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
AirVM - top 10 finalist | GrowLab - sponsor
AirVM's pitch:
Commercialization middleware for cloud service providers that helps them sell their cloud services. 
Mike Edwards of GrowLab which helps bridge gaps for entrepreneurs to secondary markets such as Silicon Valley.
 AirVM pitch at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Fleetbit - top 10 finalist | Backbone magazine - presenter
Fleetbit's pitch:
Technology that gives transportation fleets a simple and affordable way to launch mobile booking and payment apps. 
Steve Dietrich of Backbone magazine thanks sponsors and congratulations the finalists.
 Fleetbit pitch at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Winner announcement | Eidosearch - 2012 winner
Last year's winner, Eidosearch
, describes the positive difference that exposure in Backbone magazine made to their progress over the past year and wishes the 2013 contestants well.
Runner-up announcement: Po-Motion
Winner announcement: Edsby
 Winner announcement at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013
Edsby - interview
Winner - Edsby:
John Myers, president, describes Edsby, the new social learning platform with an appealing mascot. Myers talks about the history of the product and how he envisages winning the campaign could benefit their business.
 Edsby interview at Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign 2013

Start Me Up Innovation Campaign Videos | 2012

Innovation Campaign contest rules, judges and format of the Dragons’ Den-style pitch-off event introduced by Backbone magazine’s editor Peter Wolchak. Jos Schmitt of the Alpha Exchange, the campaign’s principal sponsor, explains the vision of the Exchange to focus on promoting Canadian technology and funding and mentoring for entrepreneurs.
 Innovation campaign pitch-off event video 1

The ORION network
The ORION network is the fastest research and education network in the world (speeds equivalents to downloading 100,000 iTunes in one minute), linking educational and research institutions in Ontario explains Darin Graham, CEO.

 Darin Graham, Orion

EidoSearch | David Kedmey - winner
EidoSearch: A quantitative analysis and content-based search tool for financial institutions. The tool brings relationships in data to the surface, democratizes quantitative analysis and allows traders, analysts and their clients to find the pieces of information that matter in a large bank of data.

 David Kedmey, EidoSearch

Export Development Corporation (EDC)
EDC is a federal Crown Corporation that focuses on helping companies access new markets by mitigating risks or providing working capital, explains Steve Callaghan, regional VP, Ontario. One of the incubators it works, Communitech, features a new start-up program, Hyperdrive.

 Steven Callaghan, EDC

Gazaro | Alexander Rink - top 10 finalist
Gazaro: An SaaS comparison shopping engine, currently used by five of the 9 billion-plus retailers. Gazaro uses best-in-class AI to help retailers pick the right price for each product. The technology is transferable internationally. Data generated can also be used by other providers, e.g. ERP, as a plug-in to their systems.

 Alexander Rink, Gazaro

Ceridian is a human relations and payroll company, involved with the employee lifecycle from joining to leaving a company. Innovation is key to Ceridian, for example, being the first provider to use a mobile payment app for its services, says Donna Teggart, director.

 Donna Teggart, Ceridian

TitanFile | Milan Vrekic - runner up
TitanFile: Award-winning recognition software that delivers enterprise-level security to SMBs. Files are encrypted client -side, requiring no effort from the client. The system is multi- platform and operates in real time. Storage on Canadian servers is unlimited. Current clients are law engineering and accounting firms, universities and medical schools. Technology could become transferable internationally.

 Milan Vrekic, TitanFile

Wildeboer Dellelce
Wildeboer Dellelce is a corporate finance-focussed law firm, focussing on corporate securities, tax and lending, with its roots in the technology sector. The company’s Wildlaw fast track program (set fee for services delivered over 12 months) is ideal for entrepreneurs, explains Perry Dellelce, managing partner.

 Perry Dellelce, Wildeboer Dellelce

Vote Compass | Clifton van der Linden - top 10 finalist
Vote Compass: An online application developed by political scientists and run during election campaigns. It allows citizens to engage meaningfully at election time by comparing their views with those of running parties and aims thus to stimulate voter engagement. The application could be extended for use by media outlets, academic organizations and is transferable internationally.

 Clifton van der Linden, Vote Compass

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
PwC is dedicated to the emerging Canadian technology space as shown by their Emerging Company Services practice which searches for new companies with extraordinary talent, says Christopher Dulney, partner.

 Christopher Dulney, PwC

Zighra | Deepak Dutt - top 10 finalist
Zighra: A solution that leverages mobile phones and the collective intelligence of its user base to detect and prevent fraud in real time. It enables simple secure authentication and transaction confirmation to drastically reduce frustrations and costs of fraud. Other potential uses include online banking, mobile payments, ecommerce and remote access.

 Deepak Dutt, Zighra

Ryerson Digital Media Zone
Ryerson Digital Media Zone is an incubator-like environment creating an experiential learning zone where people can grow innovations and companies, explains Valerie Fox, executive director. It is looking to grow and help create the next Canadian digital hub.

 Valerie Fox, Ryerson Digital Media Zone

Tunezy | Derrick Fung - top 10 finalist
Tunezy: An award-winning online platform for independent musicians and their fans. Rethinking the record label model, combating the decline in music sales and filling gaps in distribution by using social media, gamification, crowdsourcing and allowing fans to participate in the success of musicians.

 Derrick Fung, Tunezy


RBC Capital Markets
RBC Capital Markets is unique in its specialized approach to the marketplace. The RBC Knowledge-Based Industries group, for example, focuses on companies in that field and its account managers are embedded in the communities they serve, explains David Rozin, senior account manager.

 David Rozin, RBC Capital Markets


Visualize.me | Eugene Woo - top 10 finalist
Visualize.me: The company’s creation Venngage is a web platform on which users can quickly generate affordable infographics (combinations of text, design and science that synthesise complex information and present it in an easy-to-understand format). Venngage automates part of the infographics creation process, making it a more affordable medium for SMBs. Analytics are provided.

 Eugene Woo, Visualize.me


Geoff Keruliuk, VP Commercial Sales HP’s describes HP’s beginnings as a start-up. HP is fully cognisant of the value of innovation as demonstrated by the fact that it has 11 patents approved daily and 85% of its current 44,000 products did not exist 18 months ago, explains Keruliuk.

 Geoff Keruliuk, HP


triMirror | Jenny Tcharnaia - top 10 finalist
triMirror: An online program that fixes the problem of finding clothes that fit. Trying on is free and fitting is visual and accurate. The consumer inputs measurements and creates an avatar which moves so that clothes can be seen from different angles. The experience may be entertaining or, if you hate shopping, just pick the shirt you want and get out. Stores have the option of a website widget as well as in store installation to accommodate online and in-store shoppers.

 Jenny Tcharnaia, triMirror


NoteWagon | Jamie Wang - top 10 finalist
NoteWagon: A website where student note takers place notes for sale to other students who have missed lessons or who find note-taking challenging. In this way, students help each other succeed academically and are rewarded financially. A flagging system ensures quality. NoteWagon operates through Canada and the US and plans to expand internationally and move to incorporating a networking model. Partnerships with text book companies and job sites are being developed.

 Jamie Wang, NoteWagon


Thanks to judges, sponsors and supporters
Over 200 applied for the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign. Steve Dietrich, Backbone’s publisher and founder, thanks judges, sponsors and supporters, which include incubators, universities and government agencies and the World Congress on Information Technology. Backbone will follow progress of the winner over the next year in magazine issues and online.

 Steve Dietrich, Backbone magazine


Announcement of winner and runner up
Peter Wolchak, Perry Dellelce and Jos Schmitt announce the runner up (TitanFile) and winner (EidoSearch) of the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign. All 10 finalists are congratulated and Peter reveals that the vote was very close, involving the judges in some debate.

 Perry Dellelce, Wildeboer Dellelce

Complete details:
Start Me Up - The Backbone Innovation Campaign 2013 - 2nd Annual
Start Me Up! - The Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign presented by Backbone magazine in 2012

For sponsorship details contact: 
Steve Dietrich
Publisher, Backbone magazine  

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Sue Ansell
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