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How a Mobile First Strategy Can Increase Employee Engagement
By imgZine
February 2014

How a mobile first strategy can increase employee engagement. This white paper shows interesting insights on tablets and smartphones for employees. For instance, did you know that tablet and smartphone consumption patterns are no longer as clear-cut as they once were for employees?
 How a mobile strategy can increase employee engagement
Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign - 2013 Pitch-Off event
By top 10 finalists, sponsors and hosts
May 2013

Watch all the videos on our campaign videos page
 Don Tapscott and others at Backbone Innovation Camapaign Pitch-Off 2013
Equality in Education with Computers
By Suneet Singh Tulli
May 2013
Categories: Tech events Trends
Suneet Singh Tuli explains the origin of Datawind's products; a vision for equality in education. The format of the product has evolved from television add-on to tablet bundled with free Internet access. Interviewed at CDMN Canada 3.0 in May 2013
 Suneet Singh Tuli, President and CEO, Datawind
Radical Openness: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
By Don Tapscott
May 2013
Categories: Trends

Don Tapscott discusses Radical Openness; a book he co-authored with Anthony Williams and a concept currently important in many areas of business and life. Interview conducted at the Live Pitch-Off of the Backbone Start Me Up Innovation Campaign.
 Don Tapscott interview on Radical Openness
Mobile technology adoption in Canada 
By Sara Diamond
April 2013
Webinar hosted by Ottawa-based CATAAlliance and Backbone magazine

“We feel very strongly that no matter where you live and what demographic you are a part of, you need to be mobile," said Diamond.
 Sara Diamond on Canadian mobile tech - April 2013
Mobile technology adoption in Canada 
By Namir Anani
April 2013
Webinar hosted by Ottawa-based CATAAlliance and Backbone magazine

Anani said the breakneck growth in the mobile marketplace underscores the importance of Canada’s need to invest in it more seriously.
 Namir Anani on Canadian mobile tech - April 2013
Mobile technology adoption in Canada 
By Prithu Prakash
April 2013
Webinar hosted by Ottawa-based CATAAlliance and Backbone magazine

Prakash would like to see a framework that sits between government, industry, municipalities and the provinces.
 Prithu Prakash on Canadian mobile tech - April 2013
Mobile technology adoption in Canada 
By Andrew Maxwell
April 2013
Webinar hosted by Ottawa-based CATAAlliance and Backbone magazine

“You can develop all the technologies you want, but if you don’t adopt them, you don’t get productivity," says Maxwell.
 Andrew Maxwell on Canadian mobile tech - April 2013
Mobile technology adoption in Canada 
By Barry Gander
April 2013
Webinar hosted by Ottawa-based CATAAlliance and Backbone magazine

Gander emphasized the overwhelming importance of existing mobile communications in Canada.
 Barry Gander on Canadian mobile tech - April 2013
What Stops Innovation? | Productivity Talk
By Mateen Greenway
March 2013
Categories: Speakers Corner Tech events
How can an established well-proven process be a liability to business productivity? Mateen Greenway deals with this perplexing question and others that business innovators face in today's technology climate.  
 Mateen Greenway talking at WaveFront Wireless Summits 2013
Fundraising with Facebook
By Artez Interactive
January 2013
Categories: Social media Speakers Corner
Artez Interactive have compiled a whitepaper about Facebook’s effect on fundraising, based on data from over 645,000 donations, hundreds of campaigns, and millions of visitors to its platform .
 Fundraising with Facebook | Whitepaper by Artez Interactive
The Coming "Tsunami" of Online Education
By Dr. John Hennessey, president of Stanford University
October 2012
Categories: eLearning Speakers Corner
John Hennessey, the president of Stanford University talks about the coming "Tsunami" of online education and shares his thoughts and experiences on how it will disrupt both the delivery of education and the role of those institutions that currently deliver expensive educational degrees in a traditional environment.
 John Hennessey, president of Stanford University
Employment, Investment, and Revenue in the Canadian App Economy
By Information and Communications Technology Council
October 2012
Categories: Speakers Corner New technologies
This report presents a timely review of the Canadian app economy and showcases that the app economy – a major part of Canada’s digital economy – will play a major role in the economic landscape in the coming years.
 Employment Investment and Revenue in the Canadian Mobile App Economy
Four Principles for the Open World
By Don Tapscott
June 28, 2012
Categories: Speakers Corner Trends

Don Tapscott talks on the possibility of rebuilding our civilization’s institutions, that date back to the industrial age, around a new set of principles. His engaging anecdotes include the role of social media played in his neighbour’s search for gold.
 Don Tapscott: Four Principles for the Open World
By David Kedmey - winner of the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

A quantitative analysis and content-based search tool for financial institutions. The tool brings relationships in data to the surface, democratizes quantitative analysis and allows traders, analysts and their clients to find the pieces of information that matter in a large bank of data.
 David Kedmey, EidoSearch
By Milan Vrekic - runner up in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

Award-winning recognition software that delivers enterprise-level security to SMBs. Files are encrypted client -side, requiring no effort from the client. The system is multi- platform and operates in real time. Storage on Canadian servers is unlimited. Current clients are law engineering and accounting firms, universities and medical schools. Technology could become transferable internationally.
 Milan Vrekic, TitanFile
By Alexander Rink - top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

An SaaS comparison shopping engine, currently used by five of the 9 billion-plus retailers. Gazaro uses best-in-class AI to help retailers pick the right price for each product. The technology is transferable internationally. Data generated can also be used by other providers, e.g. ERP, as a plug-in to their systems.
 Alexander Rink, Gazaro
By Deepak Dutt - top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

 A solution that leverages mobile phones and the collective intelligence of its user base to detect and prevent fraud in real time. It enables simple secure authentication and transaction confirmation to drastically reduce frustrations and costs of fraud. Other potential uses include online banking, mobile payments, ecommerce and remote access.
 Deepak Dutt, Zighra
By Derrick Fung - top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

An award-winning online platform for independent musicians and their fans. Rethinking the record label model, combating the decline in music sales and filling gaps in distribution by using social media, gamification, crowdsourcing and allowing fans to participate in the success of musicians.
 Derrick Fung, Tunezy
By Eugene Woo - top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

The company’s creation Venngage is a web platform on which users can quickly generate affordable infographics (combinations of text, design and science that synthesise complex information and present it in an easy-to-understand format). Venngage automates part of the infographics creation process, making it a more affordable medium for SMBs. Analytics are provided.
 Eugene Woo, Visualize.me
By Harpaul Sambhi - top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

A program that is more than just employee referral. It aims to become a social layer within all HR technology, using social media to recommend the best talent to companies and networks to refer opportunities to people. Gamification is also used to involve employees in improving engagement rate within their companies.
 Harpaul Sambhi, Careerify
By Jenny Tcharnaia- top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

An online program that fixes the problem of finding clothes that fit. Trying on is free and fitting is visual and accurate. The consumer inputs measurements and creates an avatar which moves so that clothes can be seen from different angles. The experience may be entertaining or, if you hate shopping, just pick the shirt you want and get out. Stores have the option of a website widget as well as in store installation to accommodate online and in-store shoppers.
 Jenny Tcharnaia, triMirror
By Jamie Wang - top 10 finalist in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign

A website where student note takers place notes for sale to other students who have missed lessons or who find note-taking challenging. In this way, students help each other succeed academically and are rewarded financially. A flagging system ensures quality. NoteWagon operates through Canada and the US and plans to expand internationally and move to incorporating a networking model. Partnerships with text book companies and job sites are being developed.
 Jamie Wang, NoteWagon
Smart TV - A revolution coming to a living room near you... 
By Nick Jones
Spring 2012
Categories: Business innovation Gadgets Speakers Corner Trends
Smart TV use is growing and in 2012 we can look forward to the release of iTV from Apple as well as other Smart TV developments. Nick Jones explains what Smart TVs are, who makes them and what opportunities they provide...
 What is Smart TV
The Social CEO (Transcript) 
By Peter Aceto - (PDF - 500KB)
Dx3 Canada, January 2012
Categories: Business events Business innovation Sales and marketing Social media Social networking Speakers Corner Tech events
Are you a CEO? Do you tweet? If so, you are among the '8 percent'. Peter Aceto is and he explains why. Peter sees a dramatic shift in the way companies are now being run, as do other experts like Don Tapscott. Social business is here and one of its big requirements is transparency. Find out what social business leaders are doing to connect with customers and employees in new and exciting ways.
 The Social CEO presentation
Getting the Insiders Onside - Communicating with Bloggers and Influencers 
By Dave Fleet
Dx3 Canada, January 2012
Categories: Business events Social media Speakers Corner Tech events
Who are the media influencers today? Bloggers. Dave Fleet tells how not to work with bloggers and how to work with them. He describes a new model for interactions. He has tips for bloggers too!
 Getting the Insiders Onside - presentation
Search Engine Optimization
By Todd Bailey - (PDF - 700KB)
Dx3 Canada, January 2012
Categories: Business events Speakers Corner Tech events
You have a website but how do you get people to find you when they are looking for a service provider in your industry? Todd Bailey, speaking at Dx3 last month, helps take the mystery out of search engine optimization (SEO) which can deliver the sort of result you want. Yes, it is possible to rank near the top in search engine results. Here's how...
 Rank near the top in search engine results

Surveying the Digital Media Economy in Canada
By 49 Pixels - (PDF-2MB)
Categories: Business innovation Economic development Canada Speakers Corner

Who are we and where are we headed?" - in terms of the digital media economy in Canada - was the question that started the 49 Pixels project. The survey has taken a year and seeks to answer the following questions: the size and scope of the industry, the number of digital media service providers operating within Canada (number of employees, location, revenue, etc), and the size of the workforce (habits, salaries, and skills of producers of digital media content). Read the full report...


 49 Pixels Survey of the Digital Economy in Canada - 2011
Why Copyright Reform is Not the Cure for What Ails the Music Industry
By Michael Geist
Nova Scotia Music Week, 2011
Categories: Copyright Speakers Corner Tech events Technology law

The music industry may be ailing, but the emphasis placed by some on copyright reform may not be the answer. Michael Geist, speaking at the 2011 Nova Scotia Music Week, elaborates on reasons why.
 Copyright reform not the cure for music
Best Practices for Content Curation
By Donna Papacosta - (PDF - 4MB)
IABC Western Region Conference, November 2011
Categories: Sales and marketing Speakers Corner

What is content curation and how to get started? Donna Papacosta explains and gives tips on best practices, how to define a content curation strategy and offers some helpful tools. Also find out what the difference between aggregation and curation is.
 Best practices for content curation presentation
Can China Become a High-Value Economy?
By John Simke - (PDF - 1MB)
for G. Raymond Chang The School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, November 2011
Categories: Business events Business innovation Economic development Canada Speakers Corner Trends

John Simke briefly discusses how the Chinese economy works and whether or not its growth is real and sustainable. Simke goes on to look at the question many may be asking, 'Can China become a high value economy?' and compares advantages and disadvantages should this be the case.
 China's economy - presentation
Mobile Computing and Digital Mapping Revolution
By Nick Jones
British Columbia Tourism Industry Conference, October 2011
Categories: Business innovation Gadgets Mobility Social media Speakers Corner Trends

Why do people use mobile devices? Which ones do they use and is their use growing? Yes it is - tablet use, for one, is growing rapidly - and this offers opportunities explains Nick Jones.
 Mobile computing and digital mapping revolution
Conversion Optimization Strategies that Impact the Business
By Chris Goward - (PDF - 8MB)
Internet Marketing Conference, October 2011
Categories: Sales and marketing Speakers Corner

Wondering how to get people to land on your site and then go to the pages you want them to visit? Chris Goward has helpful information on how to use conversion optimization and create hypotheses to obtain marketing insights, along with lots of 'which page won?' examples. 
 Conversion Optimization Strategies presentation
Geosocial - Perfect Storm of Mobile, Location and Social Media
By Nick Jones 
Internet Marketing Conference, October 2011
Categories: Business events Gadgets Mobility Sales and marketing Social media Social networking Tech events Trends

What is geosocial and how does it provide ways for people to link products and services?

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
By Andy Kaplan-Myrth - (PDF - 350KB)
IT.Can Annual Conference, October 2011
Categories: Business events Speakers Corner Tech events Technology law

It's time to get ready for Canada's anti-spam legislation which is expected to come into force early  in 2012. New violations have been listed, strong penalties laid down and a spam reporting centre established to support enforcement of the legislation...
 Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
Understanding the Content Strategy Landscape
By Rahel Anne Bailie - (PDF - 6MB)
IMC, October 2011 
Categories: Business events Sales and marketing Speakers Corner

Content is part of the front line of your business which is why you can’t afford not to pay it the attention it deserves. What is content strategy? And what should you do once you've hired a content strategist?
 Understanding the Content Strategy Landscape

Maximize Web Analytics
By Michael Hayward - (PDF-2MB)
IMC, October 2011 
Categories: Business events Communications Sales and marketing Speakers Corner

Learn about understanding channels in terms of your customer, getting marketing campaigns to work together to achieve the outcomes you're looking for and measuring only what is important...
 Maximize Web Analytics presentation
Moving Communications to Digital - A Case Study
Kathleen Maynard - (PDF-2MB)
IMC, October 2011 
Categories: Business events Communications SMB Speakers Corner Tech events

If moving your organization's communications to digital seems a daunting task, learn from this case study of a successful migration...
 Moving Communications to Digital
Privacy AND Healthcare: You Need Them Both
By Dr. Ann Cavoukian - (PDF - 1MB)
Joint Department of Medical Imaging Mount Sinai / UHN/ Women’s College Hospital, September 2011
Categories: eHealth Security Speakers Corner Tech events
Dr. Ann Cavoukian's presentation on why freedom of information matters and how organizations and individual healthcare providers can prevent privacy breaches. The 'circle of care', a term used in the context of sharing information with implied consent, is discussed as is Ontario’s Experience with PHIPA.
 Privacy and Healthcare presentation
Innovation in Canadian Healthcare through ICT 
By Jennifer Zelmer - (PDF- 700KB)
Canada 3.0 conference, May 2011
Categories: eHealth Speakers Corner Tech Events

87% of Canadians support the use of electronic medical records (EMRs) and 9 in 10 people are interested in having access to their own medical records...
 Innovation in Canadian Healthcare through ICT
The Future of Technology, and What CIOs Will Be Able to Contribute (Transcript)  
By Richard Worzel - (PDF-200KB)
CIO Peer Forum, April 2011
Categories: Speakers Corner Tech Events

Computers are not only getting faster than expected but also smarter. Forecasting the future of technology is difficult, says Richard Worzel, because in many ways, what the technology will be capable of is not as important as what people will want done...
 What CIOs Will Be Bringing - presentation
Turning Vision into Reality: Delivering on the promise of IT
John Thorp - (PDF- 6MB)
CIO Peer Forum, April 2011
Categories: Business Events eHealth Speakers Corner Tech Events

 Why do organizations spend more and more on IT while questioning its validity at the same time?
 Turning vision into reality

Enterprise Agility – the Key to Long-term Success
By Niel Nickolaisen - (PDF - 4MB)
CIO Peer Forum, April 2011
Categories: Business events Project management Sales and marketing Tech events

Nickolaisen poses the question, "How do we deliver the right products, in the optimal market windows, at the lowest cost, while increasing productivity and meeting customers' changing needs and innovating?"
 Enterprise Agility presentation

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