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Why large Canadian companies don't want anything to do with cloud computing

The move toward cloud computing is glittering with silver linings, according to most computing vendors. And the cloud certainly holds promise, but larger Canadian companies often view it with skepticism. They seem to believe that, as Judy Garland...
what is cloud computing

Editor’s Letter

Canadians are not getting a digital economy strategy

“We want to be a developed nation by 2020,” Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, told the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in Montreal in October....
stopping digital strategy

Auto Forward

Is connecting digitally making cars redundant?

The car has been a symbol of freedom and independence bordering on modern mythology, but what happens when the Internet and smartphones transcend the road trips and drive-ins of bygone days? Experts believe technology isn’t just distracting...
Ford Escape lanch


Apple hype vs. Android Market Share

September followed a well-worn path in the mobile marketing world. Apple launched the iPhone 5, some pundits uttered lukewarm plaudits and then buyers went bananas: five million were sold in the first three days of availability. And Samsung released...
Android and Apple

8.3 million Canadians hit by online crime

The 2012 edition of the Norton Cybercrime Report concludes that more than 8 million Canadians were hit by online criminals between September 2011 and September 2012. That is more than 46 per cent of the population, and each victim lost an...
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World’s fastest Internet - Hong Kong

South Korea is out and Hong Kong is the new speed champ, with average peak connections of 49.3 megabits per second for its citizens. Canada sits at 25.4 Mbps and the U.S. at 28.7 Mbps. These numbers are from the State of the Internet, produced by...
Hong Kong lights

TV and Internet TV - How much do Canadians watch?

A recent study from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission reports that media consumption consumes a good chunk of our time. In an average week in 2011, we spent: 

  • 28.5 hours watching television, up from 28 hours in 2
girl watching TV

We are buying more online

Canadian retail sales rose just 2.2 per cent in the first six months of 2012, but e-commerce sales jumped 24.9 per cent, according to a report from MasterCard Canada. June was the ninth consecutive month in which e-commerce sales grew more than 20...
buying online illustration

Hiring a techie? Ask these questions

Information technology professionals are in high demand: the overall unemployment rate stands at about seven per cent, but for techies it’s only about half that. All of which makes the job interview even more important. Robert Half Technology...
tech help needed

Big Ideas

Smart TVs are re-inventing TV

The TV has been left behind. It’s a dumb device in an era when notebooks, tablets and smartphones can do so much more, and younger people have responded, surfing the Web, watching YouTube and engaging in social media more than they watch...
home tv centre

Cloud Computing Supplement

Cloud-based phone systems, architecture and document management for businesses

Telephony calls on cloud savings and features: Businesses looking to breathe new life into their office phone systems while reining in complexity and cost, will find the solution hosted in the cloud. Today is the perfect time for many to investigate...
telephony on cloud

Digital Life

Geo tracking your kids or family members

GPS location services enable you to track anyone through a dedicated device or with your smartphone, tablet, an app or even through social media networks that offer geographic check-ins. In fact, GPS is becoming so common it’s nearly impossible...
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The BYOD trend has its pros and cons

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is the latest trend in the corporate computing world. It likely won’t save your company any money. It may, in fact, cost you more. It will definitely drive your IT support crew up the wall. And it may leave your...
byod illustration: Enrico Varasso

Big data and in-memory technology advances hold great promise for all sectors

The cure to cancer may already be in our hands. It’s possible that somewhere in the zettabytes of data amassed and archived around the world hides a key sequence of events and outcomes relating to malignant cell growth. That critical insight,...
medical screening


Dress up for work, send a message

Ironic T-shirts, sweat pants, sandals: three items that should never show up at today’s workplace. This is true even in the tech sector, which earned a reputation for “slacker” and “grunge” during the late 1990s dot-com...
David Kedmey wears Harry Rosen


Challenges of creating a new company - as told by five mentors and one start-up

Experienced business people have witnessed first-hand the struggles and challenges of building companies, and this blood, sweat and tears equity can be invaluable to a start-up company lucky enough to work with a veteran mentor. For EidoSearch co...
start-up mentors - illustration: Jon Berkeley

Start Me Up Supplement

Exporting through the cloud

As Canadian companies continue to innovate to service the digital economy, the environment of international trade is changing as well. Until recently, companies such as Alpha Innovation Campaign winner EidoSearch, a search, cloud-based software-as-a...
exporting through the cloud

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