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Finding and figuring out government innovation programs

Stop me if you’ve heard this: a man walks into a business, looks around and says, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Bogdan Ciobanu isn’t laughing. As director general of the National Research Council...
grant lift-off | Illustration: Jon Berkeley

Editor’s Letter

Technology and vacations: a terrible confession

I managed to get away for a week this summer to a cottage north of Belleville, Ont. I sat on the dock with my dog Sampson, gazed out at the lovely lake, drank coffee or beer depending on the location of the sun, and checked my iPhone repeatedly. Down...
businessman using laptop in street

Auto Forward

Three future auto trends to watch

Auto technology is evolving quickly, as cars become rolling computers and extensions of our home life. As Denis DesRosiers of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants put it, “There is more technology in your car today than there was on the lunar...
man riding a pc


Tablets take over in 2016

Research firm NPD DisplaySearch said the notebook market will tip over in 2016, when tablet sales will fly past notebook numbers. Notebook PC shipments will climb to 393 million worldwide by 2017 from 208 million units in 2012, with tablet PC...
mobile apps - statistics

Omnichannel banking is what customers want | Cisco survey

Modern consumers want “omnichannel banking,” according to a Cisco research report. Bank tellers will not entirely disappear, but a Cisco survey of 5,300 consumers in Canada, France, Germany, America, Brazil, China and Mexico found that...
bank, historical

Confused about the cloud?

The number of times “the cloud” comes up in any business or technology conversation is exceeded only by the number of consultants, book writers and Web sites offering to explain the concept. The Private Cloud Technologies stream of the...
Microsoft Private Cloud

Ryerson DMZ director lands Sara Kirke Award

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) named Valerie Fox, executive director of Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ), the winner of its annual Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT) Sara Kirke Award for...
Valerie Fox

11 tips for managing passwords

Almost half a million people trusted Yahoo! to safeguard their usernames and passwords, only to discover that hackers had stolen that data on July 11. Yahoo! had stored that valuable data in an unencrypted database. The information was not limited to...
login box

BYOD now a reality

Almost half of technology executives now allow employees to access the company network using their personal smartphones and other technology tools, according to a survey of Canadian executives carried out by Robert Half Technology. Of the 49 per cent...
hands and mobiles

IBM supercomputer sets world record

Sequoia, an IBM Blue Gene/Q system, is the fastest computer in the world. It runs at 16 petaflops. A petaflop is a quadrillion floating point operations per second, and IBM said the computer could provide a 40-fold improvement in the prediction of...
IBM Sequoia

Big Ideas

Kick-starting Canada’s technology sector

At a technology stakeholders’ event hosted in June 2012 in Kitchener-Waterloo, the Alpha Exchange unveiled its whitepaper, sub-titled “Building Connections and Fixing the Funding Challenge to Kick-Start Canada’s Technology Sector....
crowdfunding graphic

One network means big savings

The construction industry is an inherently conservative profession: building codes must be met, sub-trades follow established methods and the status quo rules. But a new idea—integrated building-wide Internet Protocol networks—is saving...
PwC building

Five reasons you will like Windows 8

When you boot up your PC each morning, which logo do you see: Windows XP or Windows 7? If it’s the latter, you are running a great operating system and, if you’re happy, you should probably stick with it. In fact, Windows 7 is the most...
Windows 8 Start interface

Digital Life

Home technology: Is it a solution or not?

Manufacturers promised we would just tell our houses to raise the heat or order milk. Instead, we have 27 remotes, three keypads, eight portable devices and about 50 instruction manuals Modern homes are bursting at the seams with complex security,...
house at night


Six things Canadian businesses need to know to keep up with the speed of networks

Regardless of what we do with the Internet, one thing people agree on: faster means better. Comparing today’s broadband data experience to that of the dial-up dawn of the Web in the 1990s is like comparing the speed and convenience of modern...
flight attendant and zeppelin | Illustration: Jason Raish


Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs

Eric Migicovsky is a crowdfunding success story. The entrepreneur originally wanted to raise US$100,000 to fund production of his Pebble watch, a wristwatch that employs an e-paper screen and pairs with iPhone and Android devices to deliver...
group of people with dollars in speak bubbles

Facing challenges as a start-up

EidoSearch has come a long way since its co-founders developed the nugget of their technology four years ago, but the growing company still faces the same challenges that affect most early-stage companies. Many of these are around balance and...
Xiao-Ping (Steven) Zhang, and David Kedmey of EidoSearch | Photo: Steve Uhraney

Innovation Supplement

How start-ups can build a foundation for cloud use

It’s increasingly likely that successful start-ups will ultimately leverage cloud services in some form or fashion, and so must build a solid foundation to prepare for it. That foundation is a modular converged infrastructure, suggests Chris...
man, woman, globe

Development as an entrepreneur

Four months ago EidoSearch emerged victorious in the Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign, following a fiercely competitive competition. Now that the excitement has settled, it was time for me to catch up with David Kedmey, president and co-founder of...
David Kedmey


Digital payment systems - take your pick

When the owner of Toronto’s Caplansky’s Deli, Zane Caplansky, added a mobile food truck to his College Street-based deli last year, he started losing out on business right away. Not because his food wasn’t delectable (in fact, he...
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