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Backbone Magazine - February / March 2011 - Digital Version
Backbone's 10 Year Anniversary issue: Predictions 2011 and the decade just past, cloud computing, and tips for avoiding social media disasters. 

Publisher's Letter

A decade of Canadian publishing success

A little more than decade ago I came across a prediction I really liked: 80 per cent of the technology we will use in 10 years has not been invented yet. At the time, I thought that a bold statement; surely no other industry could make such a boast...
Backbone magazine 2001

Editor’s Letter

Ten years in the tech world. The more things change...

The untapped Internet: In March 2001, Toronto financial expert Brendan Caldwell opined: “We haven’t thought of an eighth of the applications we’re going to put on [the Internet].” As the founding of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...
Tech world binary

Auto Forward

Best smartphone applications for car lovers

The obvious starting point for any smartphone-wielding car lover is a navigation app, but a slew of new software now focuses on everything from measuring fuel economy to live streaming video from a dash-mounted camera. If you like apps and you like...
Car smartphone


Top Canadian searches in 2010

Fastest rising 


  1. Chatroulette 
  2. iPad 
  3. World Cup
  4. Lotto Max
  5. Vancouver 2010
  6. Hotmail sign in
  7. Justin Bieber
  8. Glee
  9. Google Translate 
  10. Kijiji Toronto


Most popular searches 

  1. Facebook

We're getting less spam

Spam decreased 30 per cent in Q4 2010, according to anti-spam vendor Commtouch. The company points to the closure of aptly named Spamit around the end of September as one important factor; it reportedly generated a fair percentage of the world's...
Spam chart 2010

Biggest online threats to come in 2011

1 Security demands on cloud service providers will increase. Proof-of-concept attacks against cloud infrastructure and virtualized systems will occur in 2011, and diversity of operating systems at the endpoints will force bad guys to focus on...
Online threat

8 resolutions from Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone

1. Get a smartphone. The world is going mobile and you are being left behind. There is now literally an app for everything, but if you’re working with only a PC, you can’t take advantage of these innovations.

2. Get to know Android...

Apparently we love to text

Virgin Mobile Canada said more than 1.5 billion texts would be sent between Christmas and New Year’s. Breaking down the numbers, the company said more than 300 million texts would be sent on Christmas Day and 350 million at midnight on New Year...

Little Geeks nets US$30,000 donation

AT&T Global Services Canada in December gave US$30,000 to The Little Geeks Foundation, a Toronto-based charity that provides free computing technology and Internet access by collecting, refurbishing and redistributing donated computers to...
little geeks

TVs online in 2010

Calling the movement a quiet revolution in TV viewing, DisplaySearch reported that 21 per cent of all TVs shipped in 2010 had Internet connectivity. The growth was led by the Japanese market, driven by domestic brand strategies and by high levels of...
TVs online in 2010

Top three e-books

Kobo tracks e-book passions around the world. (Spoiler: it’s all about Stieg Larsson)


1 The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest
Girl with the dragon tattoo

Best and Worst

The best and worst of times, inventions, decisions and personalities

It started with a bang, thanks to the dot-com bomb, and ended with a gentle trickling sound, as Wikileaks spilled thousands of secret cables onto the Internet. The “noughties” have been a wild ride for technology. Here are some of the...
Microsoft offers $31 per share for Yahoo

Big Ideas

We want video and we want it here and now

More than two billion YouTube videos are viewed daily, according to the company. Netflix is now a “streaming company which also offers DVDs by mail,” said CEO Reed Hastings, with a staggering 17 million U.S. subscribers streaming movies. ...
video crowd

Cloud Computing

Are you using cloud computing?

Cloud computing promises cost savings, more efficient use of IT resources and uncommon flexibility, and those claims have driven it to the top of the buzz list. But at what costs and with what risks? Are Canadian businesses ready to move portions of...
using cloud computing - Illustration: Jon Berkeley

What cloud computing and social media tools bring to corporate Canada

Your business IT needs are taken care of: you have e-mail, a Web site, applications for document management and everything else you need, right? In fact, there’s a big room full of humming servers and structured cabling to take care of that,...
cloud computing and social media - Illustration: Jon Berkeley

Steam Whistle nets significant savings by moving to cloud-based solution

It’s rare, but sometimes growth can be too much of a good thing. Steam Whistle Brewing is on track to employ more than 100 people in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Not bad for a company that started with three people and an idea in 2000...

Better, faster, stronger: Productivity gains edge out cost as key cloud benefit

While both the benefits and the risks of moving IT infrastructure to the cloud have been widely debated, most of the emphasis has been on cost savings and security issues. But a 2010 Forrester Total Economic Impact study has uncovered another key...
cloud computing benefit - Illustration: Jon Berkeley

Cloud Computing Supplement

Soaring upwards with cloud communications

The market is so abuzz with discussion of cloud services it can be difficult to know what will benefit businesses both today and moving forward. However, cloud services are becoming widely adopted by businesses for reasons such as: 

cloud communications


Customer 2.0

Shopping has come a long way since the 1930s. Cohen Brothers fans will remember the scene in O Brother Where Art Thou in which Ulysses Everett McGill tries to order a part for his Ford automobile (which will take two weeks to arrive) and a tub of...
customer 2.0 - Illustration: Jason Raish

Will health care ever go digital?

Modern medicine has undoubtedly worked miracles when it comes to prolonging life, curing disease and enhancing quality of life. And, however controversial, progress in medicine can often be attributed to advances in technology. So why is it, then,...
digital health care

Executive Overview

Expecting privacy in an online world is silly

You’ve knocked a couple of items off the to-do list and it’s time for a break. Like many online Canadians you pop over to your favourite social networking site. While skimming updates on your brother-in-law’s virtual farm you ignore...
online privacy - Illustration:


Tech predictions 2011 - more cloud, tablets and - hopefully - more efficiency

It’s time again for our annual look at the year ahead. We polled industry luminaries and asked for their best guesses on what 2011 will bring. Two overall trends emerged from those discussions. First, we noticed the public sector appearing...
tech predictions 2011 - illustration Gavin Orpen


Every crisis is a social media crisis

If you’ve ever blogged about a negative customer experience, joined a Facebook group to rail against an insensitive employer or scanned the trending Twitter topics with an eye to seething rage, you know that people love to air their grievances...
social media crisis - Illustration: Enrico Varrasso

VoIP Supplement

Moving to modern cloud-based communications

Technology is changing the way we work, live and connect with customers, and this is especially true of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and unified communications. Today’s communications can take advantage of the economics brought by new architecture...

cloud-based communications

Wi-Fi Supplement

Wi-Fi connects the uOttawa community

When bringing wireless connectivity to the staff and students at the University of Ottawa proved a challenge, university CIO Sylvain Chalut partnered with Bell Business Markets to provide the necessary expertise and support. The university wasn&rsquo...
wi-fi girl

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