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Bitcoin bet

By Christmas, you’ll be able to walk into at least five locations across Canada, feed your Canadian dollars into a machine, wait 10 minutes, and retrieve a slip of paper with a long string of numbers on it. Most people won’t know what to...
Bitcoin | Illustration: Shutterstock

Editor's Letter

Take time for innovation. Take time for relaxation

Your most precious commodity is time. No one ever has enough time to thoroughly consider a proposal, mentor colleagues, read a business book or dig into performance and industry reports. And your personal life is no easier; good luck getting to your...


Canadians: good at tech-related problem solving

Studies from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are rarely kind to Canada; they have shown, for example, that our wireless services are among the most expensive in virtually every category. So it was a relief to see...
problem solving

The government is spying on you

The U.S. government has been widely revealed to be spying on just about everyone, and we’ve now been treated to news that Communications Security Establishment Canada has been taking deep dives into the private data of Brazil’s Ministry...
government spying

PSSST want to buy some malware?

Anyone with a few bucks and some basic tech savvy can infect your Android phone, according to McAfee. The security company is warning that the commercially available AndroRAT APK Binder tool allows an attacker to “Trojanize” any...

Canada now nearly cashless

A MasterCard report called The Cashless Journey puts Canada among the most advanced countries in the world in the march away from carrying cash. The report found Canada is in the same league as Belgium and France, pointing to our early adoption...
Canada non-cash payments diagram

What happens to Facebook when you die?

You blog and tweet, post photos to Instagram and Flickr, and have that Web site all about your model train collection. But what happens to all of that when you die? It’s a topic Backbone covered a few years ago and it’s good to see...
social media

Communitech incubator joins Google hub network

The Communitech incubator in Waterloo, Ont., recently became the first entrepreneur centre in Canada to join the Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub Network. The other six hubs in the network include CoCo in Minneapolis, 1871 in Chicago, Nashville...
Communitech logo

Big Ideas

How wearable tech may keep you alive a little longer

If you’ve been to business school—or even sat around a boardroom table for any amount of time—you’ve heard the adage “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” It's a saying because it's true, and...
Fitbit and woman jogging


Big data's big promise

Almost every company, large or small, has more data than it knows how to handle. And it can be downright overwhelming. Think of how many e-mails you read, answer and store in a day. Throw in your financial reporting, your corporate data, daily...
big data

The rise of angels and crowdsourcing

For start-ups, it’s always about the money. With the exception of serially successful entrepreneurs, early-stage companies only get so far bootstrapping or begging funds from family and friends. Enter two of the fastest-growing sectors of...
Finding funding | Illustration: Shutterstock

Four reasons to move to the cloud

You can’t dismiss cloud computing as hype anymore. Vendor buzz may be louder than actual adoption rates justify, but more companies are making the business case for cloud. And it isn’t always about ROI. Cloud computing is a utility...
clouds on computers

Bringing human interaction back to Web-based communication

He said telecom providers are known for reliability around phone and video calls, security and identity, and these innovations allow them to apply that reputation to businesses’ Web pages and applications—helping differentiate them from...
Ericsson human interaction


Making innovators into entrepreneurs at the Creative Destruction Lab

With an eye to creating Canada’s next “massively scalable” technological success story, the University of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab enters its second year of operation with some notable achievements to its credit....
NYMI wristband

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 ITAC Ingenious Awards

The technology industry loves a good story. Like everybody else, we’re particularly captivated by stories in which an underdog uses intelligence to triumph over rivals. We like stories where seemingly insurmountable problems are overcome by an...
Ingenious Awards logo

Innovation Hubs Supplement

An upstart knowledge-sharing lab aims to improve Canada's competitiveness

Where does Canada rank in terms of Global Competitiveness? Perhaps lower than you might think. According to economic icons the World Economic Forum, Canada ranked 14th in the 2013-14 Global Competitiveness Report. This puts it below predictable...
University of Waterloo


The quest for financing

Outside investment is crucial for start-ups to get past the often-maligned “Death Valley Curve”—that critical period between receiving initial capital contribution, often from friends and family, and beginning to generate profits....
Po-Motion's Lumo

Start Me Up Supplement

Online opportunities for small business

According to a Statistics Canada survey of digital technology and Internet use, just under half of Canadian businesses had a Web presence at the end of 2012. At the same time, only one quarter of all businesses in the United States had a Web site,...

Tech Advice

All the gadgets we couldn't fit in the magazine

NewTechn Power2U

This is perhaps the most straightforward device we’ve ever reviewed. Replace an existing outlet with a Power2U and immediately gain two USB power plugs, in addition to the two
Epishock - one of the gadgets we couldn't fit in the magazine

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