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Branham300 2010 Top 10 Wireless Solutions CompaniesEight of the companies that landed on last year’s Top 10 Wireless Solutions Companies listing return again this year, with the usual suspects leading the way. The Top 10 companies that appear on this year’s listing experienced significant growth in 2010, as cumulative revenues increased 28.51 per cent from $12.57 billion in 2009 to $16.15 billion in 2010. Cumulative revenues for all wireless solutions companies appearing on this year’s Top 250 also increased, rising from $12.86 billion in 2009 to $16.49 billion in 2010, a one-year boost of 28.26 per cent.

While the majority of the wireless solutions category’s growth is related to RIM’s 35.14 per cent year-over-year increase to $14.87 billion in 2010, the remaining companies on this year’s Top 10 Wireless Solutions companies listing also propelled the category forward. Without RIM’s contribution to the wireless solutions category’s revenues over the past two years, cumulative revenues would still have increased 26.77 per cent to $1.62 billion in 2010 from $1.28 billion in 2009. This is a good indication that while RIM plays an integral role in Canada’s wireless solutions sector, several other players are key contributors to its overall growth.

Richmond, B.C.-based Sierra Wireless rebounded from a 7.38 per cent decline in sales in 2009 by increasing revenues by 24.56 per cent to an estimated $652.12 million in 2010. Third ranked DragonWave jumped four positions on this year’s Top 10. 

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Branham300 2010 Top 10 Wireless Solutions Companies


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