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 Backbone magazine September / October 2013 Backbone Magazine September / October 2013 - Digital Version 
We need bigger thinking and better investment in technology, and - with Canada's poor national productivity rate - we need it now
 Backbone magazine March 2013 - digital issue Backbone Magazine March 2013 - Digital Version
The Backbone Innovation Campaign 2013, tech predictions 2013 and the Backbone200 - best of everything in Canadian tech.
 Backbone magazine November 2012 digital issue Backbone Magazine November / December 2012 - Digital Version
Why cloud computing may be right for you, what big data means to you. BYOD: you have no choice anyway.
 Backbone magazine September 2012 Backbone Magazine September 2012 - Digital Version
Funding innovation. Overcoming hurdles and engaging government funding. How to boost profits with mobile payments and crowdfunding.
 Backbone magazine June 2012 - digital version Backbone Magazine June/July 2012 - Digital Version
The Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign: Winner, runner up and top 10. Plus: How expensive is it for a business to go green? Is texting and driving as risky as drinking and driving?
 Backbone magazine April 2012 Backbone Magazine April / May 2012 - Digital Version 
Branham300 top tech companies in Canada. Is your business really social? How to run a successful start-up.
 Backbone Magazine February / March 2012 - Digital Version Backbone Magazine February / March 2012 - Digital Version 
The Alpha Exchange Innovation Campaign hosted by Backbone. Tech predictions 2012 and how to run a successful LinkedIn group.
 Backbone Magazine - November / December 2011 - Digital Version Backbone Magazine - November / December 2011 - Digital Version 
Top 15 Canadians in digital technology. Five steps to better security and RIM on the edge: can it survive?
  Backbone Magazine - October 2011 - Digital Version 
The Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ 2011, Google's rise and rise, building a digital resume. And, Are Canadian SMBs using technology?
 Backbone Magazine - September 2011 - Digital Version Backbone Magazine - September 2011 - Digital Version 
Does social media work? Tablet reviews: Which is the best tablet to buy? Canada - digital nation 2011.
 Backbone Magazine - May 2011 - Digital Version Backbone Magazine - May 2011 - Digital Version 
The all-new, world-leading solar-powered community – that no one knows about. Plus, filling landfills with gadgets, and smart-grid technology.
 Backbone Magazine - February / March 2011 - Digital Version Backbone Magazine - February / March 2011 - Digital Version
Backbone's 10 Year Anniversary issue: Predictions 2011 and the decade just past, cloud computing, and tips for avoiding social media disasters.


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