5 Factors For Finding The Perfect Telephone Provider

By Matthew Leppanen  |  Categories: Trends

I’ve written recently about how crucial a business’s communications system is to its success. The right cloud-based telephone system and call centre can act as an enabler for improving customer experience.

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Canadian entrepreneurship

Canada a Hotbed for Entrepreneurs, PwC Report

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Economic development Canada Technology start-ups
A recent report from PwC Canada finds that the country continues to be a great place for innovators and entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses, calling the country a nation of innovators. » read more
workplace safety

Entrepreneurs Use Cloud to Improve Workplace Safety

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Cloud computing
A Canadian start-up is using cloud technology to help businesses reduce workplace injuries and incidents and find return on their investments into occupational health and safety (OHS). » read more
cloud boosts customer service

Boosting Customer Service with Cloud

By Matthew Leppanen  |  Categories: Cloud computing Sales and marketing
Customer service—or experience—is the most important competitive advantage for your business today, and only becoming more and more crucial. » read more
Ingenious Awards

Call for Technology Ingenious Awards Entries – Deadline July 17th

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Tech events
The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) Ingenious Award Program is a yearlong initiative that celebrates businesses which demonstrate measurable evidence of productivity improvement, efficiency gains, revenue growth, overall business transformation or other organizational outcomes through the use of technology. Organizations may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. » read more
phone tap

How to Tell if Your Office Phone System is Bugged

By Robert Campbell  |  Categories: Mobility Security
Industrial espionage is a concern for every business in Canada, but high tech industries, financial institutions and publicly traded companies have more at risk than other types of firms. Unethical intelligence gathering on any business is a crime by any standard, and yet corporate spying is becoming more prevalent inside Canadian enterprise because of our advanced technology, our trusting national character, and general ignorance. » read more
mobile communication

Fixing Up the Office Communication Breakdowns

By Matthew Leppanen  |  Categories: Trends
Communications is an essential component of any well-oiled workplace. Is there anything worse than those more-than-just-awkward situations when business communications breaks down? Sadly, we often don’t know it’s happening until it’s too late. » read more
website worker

Trend Micro Looks Deeper at the Deep Web

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Trends
CBS’s new TV show CSI: Cyber is busy scaring the bejeezus out of Internet-using grandparents everywhere, but how real a threat is the Deep Web—often called the “dark net” by that show’s fictional FBI agents—and just how deep does it go? » read more
Backbone Ask the Expert

Backbone Launches ‘Ask the Expert’ Feature

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Business innovation Trends
Backbone has recently added a new website widget called Ask the Expert. This is a place for you to share queries with us on the topics of technology and innovation on different themes each month, such as hosted phone services, cloud computing, high speed Internet, security and outsourcing. » read more
change management question

Three Questions to Ask for Your Organization’s Change Management Strategy

By Eric Kimberling  |  Categories: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
In our 2014 Clash of the Titans Report, we outline a quantifiable comparison of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics – the leading ERP vendors in the industry. While this report has helped numerous organizations evaluate and select among these leading ERP systems, it does not necessarily address the role of organizational change management and it’s effect on successful ERP implementations.
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