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More Canadians Seek Better Work-Life Balance

By Ben Mears  |  Categories: Trends

The busy life of a professional office worker seems to be taking its toll on Canadians, as more are turning to entrepreneurship and startup businesses with the hope of achieving a better work-life balance. Intuit Canada recently conducted a survey to find out why so many Canadians are becoming entrepreneurs.

Top Tech Trends CES Explained in 4 Graphs

By Jim Harris  |  Categories: Tech events Trends
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) began January 6 in Las Vegas – and in 2016 it was the platform for 20,000 product launches. The 2.4 million square feet of exhibit space is equal to about 50 football fields. The event is Mecca to 150,000 tech enthusiasts.

Ransomware, Hacktivism May Be Up for 2016

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Security Trends
It’s that time of year, and security experts are making their forecasts for what to expect in 2016 and beyond; among them include more of the threats that had been on the rise this year such as ransomware and hacktivism.

Why Hosted Call Centres are SMB Game Changers

By Christopher Millar  |  Categories: SMB Trends

As businesses continue to embrace ecommerce and globalization, in many cases turning to the cloud to expand their capabilities and reach, hosted call centre solutions are becoming more common.

FreshBooks to Release Credit Card Payment Hardware for Small Businesses

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Mobility Trends
Toronto-based small business accounting software company FreshBooks announced earlier this month it would be releasing hardware that will allow small businesses owners to securely accept credit card payments using their mobile phones.

Cool Tech Toys for Black Friday Shopping

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Gadgets Trends
Tied to American Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the U.S. kick-off of the holiday shopping season. And while Canadians continue to begin our seasonal shopping in December—some of us as late as the third week, sorry Mom—the areas of electronics, gadgets, toys and hobbies are a different story, with Canadians loving our Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) sales.

What to Ask Before Buying Your Next Phone System

By Shaun Randall  |  Categories: Communications Trends
10 questions everyone should ask before their next phone system purchase

Choosing the Best Internet Service for Your Business

By Tommy Chiu  |  Categories: Trends
Few businesses can run today without an Internet connection, but deciding on the ideal service could be daunting.

6S by Any Other Name is Still Sweet

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Trends
Vancouver-based marketing firm urged Apple to leave

The Answer to SMB Network Performance

By Vin Rao  |  Categories: Cloud computing Trends

In China Mobiles Thrive While Postcards Wither

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Mobility Trends
In addition to Webslinger, I write the blog Deltiology Deity about postcards. I've loved collecting postcards since I was a kid. In my lifetime, I've noticed the flourishing and then the dramatic decline of the communication medium of postcards. I'm also an avid user and researcher of mobile devices and had the great opportunity to see the birth and flourishing of this medium.

BC Court Ruling Offers Strong Defence of Internet Keyword Advertising

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Technology law Trends
The success of Internet giant Google has largely been based on something small: Internet advertising that use tiny keyword-based ads to generate billions of dollars in revenue. Given Google’s massive audience, advertisers have been willing to pay for search-based ads that deliver clicks back to their websites. Those ads appear as sponsored results alongside the organic, relevancy-based search results.

Canadian Banks Concern: Falling Behind in Mobile Technology

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
A CenturyLink survey on the mobile banking and IT capabilities of Canada’s financial services industry, Banks: Customers Expect That You’re Always On and Available, Are You Ready?, reveals that nearly half (46 per cent) of Canadian banking executives surveyed do not think they have the IT infrastructure, systems and processes in place to meet present and future customer expectations for mobile payments.

Get Dedicated! 5 Reasons You Need Dedicated Internet

By Vin Rao  |  Categories: Trends
To have a dedicated Internet connection or not to… that is the question. The answer is actually pretty easy to determine.

VMware Desktop Virtualization Gets Windows 10 Treatment

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Cloud computing Trends

This week VMware released its desktop virtualization software for Windows, Linux and Macs that have been upgraded to support Windows 10 and given a performance boost.

BlackBerry Joins Forces with PayPal for Mobile Payments

By Amanda Baines  |  Categories: Mobility Trends

Taken from a recent press release on the official blog of BlackBerry, the mobile phone manufacturer announced that users can now connect their PayPal account to their BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

3 Ways Phone Systems Aren’t What They Used to Be (…But Better)

By Matthew Leppanen  |  Categories: Trends
We’ve come a long way, there’s no question that our phones aren’t the same as they once were. Look around for a payphone—remember those?—and you’ll see a clear illustration that our relationship with phones has changed.

Presentation Software with New Features that Make Presenting More Engaging for Students and Teachers

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
Check out the new features Prezi presentation software has added since the last school year, all of which make presenting easier and more engaging for students and teachers.

Netflix Taxes and Canadian Digital Issues in the Election Spotlight

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Trends
This week my regular technology law column (Toronto Star versionhomepage version) focused on the long election campaign and the prospect that digital issues might get some time in the spotlight. The column pointed to three broad themes – what comes after Bill C-51, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and a digital strategy 3.0. As part of the digital strategy discussion, I stated that questions abound, including “are new regulations over services such as Netflix on the horizon?”

First Autonomous Vehicle to Be Run on a Canadian Road by University Of Waterloo Students

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
Today local startup Varden Labs will achieve a first in Canada when they run their autonomous (self-driving) shuttle on Ring Road at the University of Waterloo main campus.

Nova Scotian Not-for-profit and CATAAlliance Team to Promote Women in Tech

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Trends

Techsploration, a Nova Scotia-based not-for-profit organization that assists young women in exploring science, tech and trades careers, is partnering with the CATAAlliance to collaborate on content for a portal to promote the mentorship around women in technology.

Need Help with Telecom Acronyms and Jargon?

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends Unified Communications
A recent visitor to Backbone’s “Ask the Expert” wanted definitions of PBX, Hosted PBX, IVR, PABX, SIP – all acronyms and jargon in the telecommunications world.

5 Factors For Finding The Perfect Telephone Provider

By Matthew Leppanen  |  Categories: Trends

I’ve written recently about how crucial a business’s communications system is to its success. The right cloud-based telephone system and call centre can act as an enabler for improving customer experience.

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