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TSX Ignite - Essentials for Great Canadian Companies

By Robert Peterman  |  Categories: SMB Trends
Canada is a nation of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Taken together, they represent a significant portion of the Canadian economy.


By Michael James  |  Categories: Mobility Trends
Many companies have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), with an estimated two-thirds of all companies adopting this method at least to enable email access. Given this now common practice you would think that it would apply to PCs too.

Guidelines for MDM Software Deployment

By Michael James  |  Categories: Trends
Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides support, monitoring, security and management of mobile devices used by organizations, everywhere from smartphones and tablets to point of sale handhelds and mobile printers. As these devices become more popular as a work tool, and more vendors offer such services, the core benefits of MDM can become confused. The following outlines the main items that should be taken into consideration when implementing MDM software.

Get Ready For a Tech Upswing in Canada: Wayne Gudbranson

By Peter Wolchak  |  Categories: Economic development Canada Trends
We talk to Branham Group President and CEO Wayne Gudbranson about Canada’s tech clusters, our promising new companies and a bright outlook for 2014.

World's First Crowdsourced Loyalty Program Launches Beta Site

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends, the world's first community-driven, crowdsourced loyalty program launched its beta website on December 17, 2013. It focuses on rewarding its members for their social media influence and brand ambassadorship.

App Store Sales Top $10 Billion in 2013

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
Record-Breaking December with Over $1 Billion in Sales for Apple.

Engineering Innovations Help Ease the Pain of Canadian Winter

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
What if you could just spray something on your windscreen at night so you didn't have to scrape off the frost in the morning? Check out two new inventions from engineering students at the University of Waterloo...

Instantly Create WAN/LAN, Cell or Mesh Communications Infrastructure Anywhere

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends Wireless
For people who need to set up a network in rugged terrain such as a construction site, Motion Computing has designed a family of tough and easily deployed wireless connectivity devices.  Their weatherproof cases and portability allow users to establish a command centre with dependable connectivity anywhere. Read more...

Tired of TV Bundles? Time to Pick Your TV Channels

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
Tired of having to drag your way through a whole lot of channels that are useless to you because you had to buy a whole bundle of them just to get your eyes on your favourite sports channel? Toronto company VMedia may have the solution for you because they now offer 60 standalone channels. Their press release explains all...

Utilizing Electronic Cursive Signatures On Your Mobile Phone or Tablet For Major Purchases

By Emilia Zych  |  Categories: Security Trends
Most industries around the globe have been plunging into digital work-flow automation with mobile apps and cloud-based or stand alone platforms that utilize electronic signatures for major purchases and transactions. They do this to save time while cutting long term costs associated with standard paper practices and procedures.

Canadian Anti-Spam Regulations Coming Within the Next Few Weeks

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Trends
Barry Sookman reports that a CRTC official advised a conference that the Industry Canada anti-spam regulations are now final and should be publicly available in about two weeks. The law will come into force in 2014.

Accounting Software Requirements for Non-profits

By Cole Clark  |  Categories: Trends
Non-profit organizations are non-commercial companies that use surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distribute profits as dividends to its shareholders. For example, a non-profit organization would include charities and public arts organizations.

Statscan Data Points to Canada's Growing Digital Divide

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Trends Wireless
Statistics Canada released its bi-ennial Internet use survey last week and while much of the immediate reaction focused on the continuing growth of Internet use (due largely to increased usage by those aged 65 and older), my weekly technology law column (Toronto Star versionhomepage version) argues the bigger story is the ongoing Canadian digital divide that confirms the strong link between household income and Internet use. 

Cooking Up Success Through Location Analytics

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Trends
How does Canada’s largest restaurant company find the perfect location? Location analytics, that’s how.

Hashtag Hell!

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Trends
I have nothing against hashtags in theory - they are a great way to distinguish tags. And I love tagging - in fact I have tagged 1000 articles with my tag "net news" for bookmarking on Delicious and to share the stories I find particularly interesting and useful about Internet and digital media.

I Wonder What the App Developers Were Thinking?

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Trends

Every year, we take our daughter to an amusement park to celebrate her birthday.  This year we went to a nearby amusement park, Canada's Wonderland, after the summer break in the hopes of avoiding jam-packed crowds and endless lines. We didn't.

Royal Roads University recognized for IT efficiency

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: New technologies Trends
The paperless office might be a dream, but paperless admissions to Royal Roads University of B.C. is real. And the university’s efforts to streamline applications for enrolling students was recently honoured in University Business magazine’s summer 2013 Models of Efficiency recognition program.

The Importance of Targeted, Reliable Non-profit Accounting Software

By Cole Clark  |  Categories: New technologies Trends
Non-profit organizations have specialized software needs and software companies that realize this can take a better approach to computerizing fundraising functions for non-profits. As a developer of software that deals with fund accounting, non-profit and municipal software programs, Solutions IDC has addressed many of the challenges presented by these unique government and public sector organizations.

Maker Movement and Startups: Two Communities 'Made' for Each Other

By Luc Lalande  |  Categories: Technology start-ups Trends
“The 20th-century mass-production world was about dozens of markets of millions of people. The 21st century is all about millions of markets of dozens of people.” – Joe Kraus

How Location Analytics Improves Your Bottom Line

By Esri Canada  |  Categories: Sales and marketing Trends
You recently celebrated your specialty bread store’s third year in business and have been thinking of expanding to new locations to increase sales. But where should you locate your new store? You have some idea of who your best customers are; however, where and how do you begin finding more like them?

Looking into Tech’s Future with UBC Scientists

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: New technologies Trends
Physicists at the University of British Columbia may be helping develop technology that will keep Moore’s Law from stalling.

BlackBerry is Going Private. That’s a Good Thing

By Peter Wolchak  |  Categories: Trends
BlackBerry announced Sept. 23 it is selling itself to Fairfax Financial Holdings in a deal worth $4.7 billion. The initial reaction of many Canadian tech watchers will be disappointment: most of us held out hope BlackBerry could still succeed.

Regulated Wireless Roaming Fees May Be on the Way

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Trends Wireless
The Labour Day weekend ended with a bang for telecom watchers as Verizon, the U.S. giant that was contemplating entering the Canadian market, announced that it was no longer interested in moving north. That decision represents a major loss for consumers, who would have benefited from greater choice and increased competition.

Start-up Bionym Helps Users Authenticate In a Heartbeat

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: New technologies Trends
Biometrics isn’t exactly new, but can you imagine logging into your PC based on the unique rhythms of your heartbeat? That’s what Nymi, a new technology product launched by Toronto-based start-up Bionym, promises to do.

3 Reasons Non-profits Should Utilize Accounting Software

By Cole Clark  |  Categories: Trends
By implementing optimized accounting procedures, organizations can ensure greater productivity while meeting their business goals. For-profit companies, for instance, should set their accounts in order to keep track of their gains and losses.

Streamline the Shipping Process with Inventory Management Software

By Richard Sands  |  Categories: Trends
Keeping track of inventory has clear and obvious benefits in today’s fast paced business environment. Regardless of the size of your business, you have to keep track of all aspects i.e. goods in stock, property and building contents if you want to run everything smoothly and keep costs down.

Verizon Says No To Canada: What Comes Next

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Trends Wireless
With Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam stating yesterday that "Verizon is not going to Canada", the government's best hope for "more choice, lower prices, better service" may have been lost.

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