corporate digital worker

Careers in Corporate Digital Media

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Business innovation
I recently spoke to a class of university undergraduates on possible careers in corporate digital media. It was a short guest lecture to cover the basics to consider a career in this field.
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content marketing

Improving content marketing programs with agile methods

By Ben Bradley  |  Categories: Sales and marketing
Thinking about improving content marketing? By starting with the desired outcome and then working backwards (and keeping an agile mindset), you can always fine tune and find ways to keep improving your content marketing programs.
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Synaptop logo

Toronto Startup Synaptop Succeeds on Dragons' Den

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: New technologies

Synaptop's successful pitch on CBC's Dragons' Den aired on April 2nd, 2015.

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Traction logo

Does Your Business Need More Traction? Look No Further…

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Tech events
On June 18th 2015 the Traction one-day conference in Vancouver will teach distribution strategies and tactics to get, keep and grow customers at scale. Learn everything from Content Marketing to Analytics, Testing, Conversion Optimization, Retention, Virality, Monetization, Sales, Partnerships and more. » read more
web architecture building

Building a Solid Information Architecture for a Website

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Technology start-ups
I attended a working session recently to plan out the information architecture of an organization facing profound problems with their existing websites. » read more
social business

Building a Social Business

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Social networking
You’ve friended your clients on Facebook and followed your customers on Twitter, and maybe you’ve even linked to them all on LinkedIn, but does that mean you can call yourself a social business? » read more

Before a Redesign, Try Website Landing Page Optimization

By Ben Bradley  |  Categories: Sales and marketing
A website redesign is expensive and time consuming. Before you leap into a big project, give some thought to testing various ideas with landing page optimization– a series of small A/B tests that can drive more leads as well as inform and fuel your future brand redesign. It can also help you  dramatically reduce your PPC advertising costs by optimizing traffic and eliminating traffic that will never convert. » read more

Business Innovation Summit 2015 - Connect, Network, Learn

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Business events
On April 28-29, 2015, the Conference Board’s Centre for Business Innovation is hosting its annual Summit to help businesses and entrepreneurs accelerate the pace of their innovation and commercialization efforts—to reach markets faster and more profitably, in Canada and around the world. » read more
studying in car

Undergrad Students Predict Technology Trends

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Trends
I have been working as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate e-business class for the Communication, Culture, Information and Technology program at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus, which gives me the chance to talk about some cool tech, trends, and their possible ramifications for business.
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startup owner

How to Run a Successful Startup

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Business innovation
By the time Cameron Herold is 15 minutes into the phone interview for this article, he has already unpacked his suitcase, arranged everything in his four-star hotel bathroom and neatly rearranged the chairs on the deck overlooking the ocean.
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