employees on devices

Tips for Corporate Websites and Intranets

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Trends
I'm lecturing to an undergraduate class this week on careers in the design and management of corporate websites and intranets. Having worked in the area for over eleven years, it's a subject I am quite familiar with. » read more
Think Orion Conference logo

New Keynote Speaker at THINK: Create Possibilities

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Tech events
Dr. Dave Williams, Southlake Regional Health Centre president and CEO is the second keynote speaker at THINK this year. » read more
girl watches TV

Why Did the CRTC Mandate Pick-and-Pay? Because BDU’s Wouldn’t Do It On Their Own

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Trends
The CRTC released its TalkTV decision this afternoon and – as expected – it includes a mandatory basic service capped at $25 per month (which may include U.S. channels) and mandates a pick-and-pay alternative no later than December 2016.  Why did the CRTC conclude that it needed to regulate a pick-and-pay option?
 » read more
TED logo

See TED in Vancouver this week

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Tech events

See FREE archived talks hereTED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) the global set of conferences is presently in Vancouver.

 » read more
workers doing software implementation

Training Tips for Software Implementation Success

By Sponsored  |  Categories: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
You don’t have to spend much time researching enterprise application software before you come across some pretty staggering numbers regarding failed implementations. Though the results vary, several studies have found around a two-thirds failure rate for enterprise relationship planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) implementations, and the same has been reported for content management systems (CMSs) and others. Why does this happen and what can you do about it? » read more
Canadian direct deposit enrolment

Canadian Government Is Throwing Out Paper To Save Taxpayers Money

By Backbone Staff  |  Categories: Digital economy strategy Green technology
Want to hear about a government initiative that will impact your finances and contribute to Canadian taxpayer savings of $17-million dollars annually?
 » read more
spy girl

I Spy Spotify

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Trends
This week, I got my invitation to try out Spotify as they have just now ventured into the Canadian market (after launching in 50+ other countries).
 » read more
government inquiry

What Open Government Hides

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Technology law Trends
Treasury Board President Tony Clement unveiled the latest version of his Open Government Action Plan last month, continuing a process that has seen some important initiatives to make government data such as statistical information and mapping data publicly available in open formats free from restrictive licenses.
 » read more
using mobile

Why Uber Has a Canadian Privacy Problem

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Mobility Trends
The mounting battle between Uber, the popular app-based car service, and the incumbent taxi industry has featured court dates in Toronto, undercover sting operations in Ottawa, and a marketing campaign designed to stoke fear among potential Uber customers. As Uber enters a growing number of Canadian cities, the ensuing regulatory fight is typically pitched as a contest between a popular, disruptive online service and a staid taxi industry intent on keeping new competitors out of the market.
 » read more
girl and backpack

Carol Todd on Bill C-13: 'What Happened to Democracy?'

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Social media Technology law
The Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights continues its study later today [November 26, 2014] on Bill C-13, the cyber-bullying/lawful access bill that has already passed the House of Commons and seems certain to clear the Senate shortly.
 » read more

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