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Five Ways to Achieve ROI in ERP

By Eric Kimberling  |  Categories: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
The other day, I was speaking with a CIO at one of our US-based ERP implementation clients. He shared that his concern was not realizing the potential benefits of the new system.
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New Strains of Ransomware Are Catching IT Off Guard

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Security

As if the news that people simply don’t seem to be recognising Phishing attacks wasn’t bad enough, those attacks are becoming more sinister as the latest surge are leading to ransomware, according to KnowBe4, a provider of Internet security training solutions.

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Mobile Devices Give Directions... TO HELL!

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Mobility
I had some free time last night so I caught up on some shows saved to my PVR that I've been meaning to watch.  I used to be a big fan of the television show Supernatural - which if you haven't seen the show, the name pretty much tells you all you need to know. Now in its tenth season, I stopped watching religiously about two seasons ago.
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Why the CRTC Fell Short in Addressing Canada’s Wireless Woes

By Michael Geist  |  Categories: Technology law Wireless
The competitiveness of Canadian wireless services has been the source of an ongoing and contentious debate for years. Last week, Canada’s telecom regulator concluded that there is a competitiveness problem, yet in a decision surprisingly applauded by many groups, declined to use much of its regulatory toolkit to address the problem. Instead, it placed a big bet on the prospect of a smaller wireless carrier somehow emerging as a fourth national player.
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Are Canadians Taking the Phishing Bait?

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Security
Phishing attacks continue to become harder to identify, and a recent quiz-based study by Intel Security found people globally were unable to identify phishing emails, and not by some small margin of error. » read more
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How You Can Use Technology and Innovation to Add Value to Your Company

By Amy Klimek  |  Categories: Business innovation
If you have developed technological and creative competencies through your education or formal work experience, it makes sense to leverage them as much as you can in any new role that you apply for. The biggest challenge to doing so successfully beyond just applying your skills to the tasks that you perform is knowing how to win the cultural competency race. » read more

Tracking The Trackers

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: Mobility
Having researched mobile locative technology for the past few years, I have often heard from people that they don't use such features on their smartphone that automatically ascertain and transmit their position as they are concerned about being tracked. » read more

Debunking the Seven Myths of Business Process Reengineering

By Eric Kimberling  |  Categories: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Through the treacherous years of manual processes, outdated legacy systems, inaccurate performance data and internal operational breakdowns, most organizations are ready for a heavy dose of business process reengineering (BPR)
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Banking Study Highlights Importance of Digital Capabilities

By Lawrence Cummer  |  Categories: Trends
A new North American banking study conducted by Accenture has for the first time ranked online capabilities as the top criteria of Canadian bank customers, even more than branches and fees.
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Learning Appreciation for Graphic Literature

By Glen Farrelly  |  Categories: eLearning Trends
Recently, I was invited to conduct a workshop for kids aged 8-12 on graphic novels and web comics at my local library. As you may be able to tell from the name of this blog, I am a fan of comics. When I was a kid I did not like reading and only read comic books and books in the Choose Your Own Adventure series (now I'm a PhD candidate so don't believe the criticism that reading comics makes you stupid.)
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